In 1 week



I will be sipping on fruit shakes,


checking out new places to eat,


taking more pictures,


and relaxing

My second trip to Vietnam is next week. 20+ hours of travel is definitely not fun but worth it. I will be spending 10 days in HCMC and Phu Quoc. This trip may mark something significant in my future, which will be later discussed if it happens. I like the feeling how I’m going back to something familiar, yet there’s so much to explore.

Can’t wait to eat/drink some:

Tamarind Crabs

Noodles made by the Lunch Lady

Japanese Food at Kuru Kuru


Amazing fruit

Sugar Cane Juice

Café Sua Da

Green Tea and Vodka… hehe

In baking, I’ve been going through a strawberry craze. I’ve made Strawberry Panna Cotta, Cupcakes, and Cake. I will post these up soon. But for now, I need start getting ready for my fun trip!

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