Crumbs – Chocolate Chip Cookies


I’m always on the look out for the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe. My close friends know, especially my roommate, I’m a chocolate chip cookie lover. I even buy the Trader Joe’s already portioned cookie dough to satisfy my craving at any time. Two cookies with milk is the perfect amount to satiate my craving. Visiting the boyfriend in Vietnam, he specifically asked for a batch of chocolate chip cookies. I honestly think he wanted a batch not for himself, but to satisfy my craving during my visit because that was all I was talking about my previous trip there.  There was an article in on “The Quest of the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie” with a recipe included . Adapted from a Jacque Torres recipe, this recipe calls for aging the dough in the refrigerator and using a sprinkling of sea salt to enhance the flavors. I used almond extract instead of vanilla extract and used a half of 60% feves and a half of semisweet chocolate chips. The recipe yielded about 4 dozen regular sized cookies. I baked 3 dozen to take to Vietnam and the extra dozen I baked for a BBQ shortly after my return.

Verdict: The recipe is definitely a keeper. The texture was soft and chewy in the middle with a crispy exterior. The amount of chocolate is good for the chocoholic. Unfortunately I do not have pictures of the cookies but, I will end this post with this picture. A choco chip crumb seal of  approval from a little cookie monster.


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