Jumping Right Into Things

Over the weekend, I had my residence weekend for my business program in Vung Tau about a 3 hour ride from HCMC. It was a very intensive schedule involving class for 8 hours with breaks in between and then discussion meetings with my team in the evenings to complete assignments. My first morning session on Friday was pretty eventful, due to my stomach. I’m blaming it on the bus ride over to Vung Tau or the breakfast I had did not settle right. The first 3 hours of the session, I was running to the bathroom saying good morning to the porcelain gods. Not the best start to my first day of business school. I some how managed to sit in class the rest of the day after the painful ab workout and not eat anything for the rest of the day.

Instead of taking the bus back to HCMC, I had the chance to ride back in a RV. This RV may be the first RV ever purchased in Vietnam and probably the only RV on the road in Vietnam right now.

I attended a Furniture and Handicraft Expo and loved all the water hyacinth outdoor furniture and decorative installations.

Next week I will start Vietnamese lessons with a private tutor for $7/hr three times a week. I feel like I’ve gone through a huge learning curve in a matter of 9 days. I’m learning business concepts during the evenings , working collectively with my team members on homework a part of the day, and the rest of the day i’m processing everything else I’m seeing, tasting, & feeling. At the end of the day I am exhausted, but grateful.

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