Fall in Seoul


I thought this year I wouldn’t be experiencing my favorite season, but then I had to jet off unexpectedly to Seoul, Korea. A trip to Seoul from HCMC is a shorter flight than going from DC to Seattle now. Though limited in time and having to follow my family’s itinerary,  I was still able to capture my own moments.

My aunt took me to a restaurant 40 minutes away from Seoul where their specialty is acorn. Everything in the menu highlights acorn. In Korean cuisine, dotori mook is a common side dish at restaurants that is dressed with soy sauce, dried seaweed flakes, and sesame seeds. Promoted as healthy eating and located in a picturesque location, we waited over an hour for our table.


Cold water kimchi soup with acorn, lettuce, cucumbers, seaweed, and carrots.


Acorn wrap with tofu and kimchi.


The infamous Mister Donut pon de ring found in Myung Dong.  My secret foodie goal for Seoul accomplished!


Misari Motorboat Stadium surrounded by gorgeous foliage. Just a few steps from my grandparent’s house.

Misari is the closest location to Seoul that is still considered “country.” My memories of here are: playing on the green onion fields, climbing trees, picking up prickly chestnuts, poking holes through the paper doors of my grandparents place, hearing my grandfather play the piano after he had a couple of drinks. Much has changed since then.


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