Censored: The Trade Off

Concesssion Stand
Concesssion Stand

Movies are pretty affordable to watch in Vietnam. A ticket usually costs around 70,000 dong (less than $4.00) and the food is very cheap. Considering the price of a ticket in the US is $11.00 and just popcorn costing about $4, watching a movie in Vietnam is truly a steal. But the drawback is that movies are censored when there is too much violence and/or adult content. Given that I’ve only watched two movies so far, “This Is It” and “New Moon,” I couldn’t even tell if they cut out any scenes from those movies. However from what I’ve heard with other movies, there is quite a difference. For now, I’m happy with what I can get and there are ways to get the real deal over here.

Other observations

  • Asian theaters love assigned seating (Korea does it too)
  • Korean movies play here regularly
  • Kettle corn and salted popcorn are offered
  • Heineken buckets, beef jerky, and seaweed snacks galore!


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