Neighborhood Lights

lighted alley
lighted alley

lighted alley

Here is a picture of the hem (alley) from our balcony on the third floor of the house. The Vietnamese definitely do it up for Christmas. The city center (district 1), which is about 15 minutes away, is blazing with Christmas lights. Even in our neighborhood, we counted at least 5 Nativity displays within a 1 block radius of our home.

The house with the giant star is owned by the Godfather of this area. Supposedly he has a gambling thing going on in his home. They also like to have cockfights right outside. That’s why I am woken up by multiple roosters as early as 5 in the morning. The rooftop on the bottom left corner is the local coffee shop where men sit around playing chess while drinking their cup of joe. This coffee shop is my go to for cafe sua da.

Staying in HCMC for Christmas and then off to Nha Trang for New Years!


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