Favorite Drinks


I can’t get enough of these and they are constantly in rotation.

Coca Cola/Mountain Dew replacement-

  • Fresh lime soda. At restaurants, soda chanh is usually the same price as regular soda (avg. 25,000VND/1.35USD)

To beat the heat-

  • Fresh coconut water.  Cafe Terrace serves consistently sweet coconuts (30,000VND/1.62USD). I love eating the coconut meat after sipping all the electrolyte-filled goodness. You can even get coconut as low as 5,000 VND from local carts.

Neighborhood go to drink-

  • Fresh sugarcane juice with a touch of citrus (3,000VND/.16 USD)

For a Vitamin C boost-

  • Fresh Passion Fruit Juice (15,000 VND/.81 USD). The store to the right of Saigon Square serves yummy passion fruit juice with the pulp and seeds. A lot of other places strain the seeds out, but I love the crunchy seeds.

For a smoothie-

  • Jack Fruit Shake with Condensed Milk. The fruit shake stand behind the Lunch Lady cart has the best jack fruit shakes. (8,000 VND/.43USD)


  • nutrition to kitchen says:

    Love the drinks, although nuoc mia always makes me crash after drinking it since it’s pure sugar, haha. Have you tried the kind with kumquats squeezed into it too?

    Glad you’re having an awesome time in VN! :)

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