Happy Tet

nye dinner
nye dinner

daisy exhibit

Happy New Year! After many days of a bustling city preparing for Tet, the first and second day have been slow with many shops closed. District 1 is decorated in red and gold, with floral exhibits closing down main streets.

nye dinner

We celebrated New Year’s Eve with a friend and her family. They cooked a lovely traditional Vietnamese dinner, with dishes that have a mandatory presence to welcome in the new year. With our bellies full, we watched a movie until the stroke of midnight hit. Though we weren’t brave enough to face the enormous crowds in District 1, we still viewed the firework show afar from the rooftop.  Afterwards we got on our motorbikes to go to a pagoda. The pagoda was packed with people praying their wishes for the new year with clouds of smoke above  from the incense.

colorful lanterns

The rest of Tet holiday will be spent in Siem Reap, Cambodia. We’re going to take in the extraordinary sites of the Khmer ruins and create our own Tomb Raider adventure!

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