Notre Dame in HCMC

Things are a blur these days. Work and school have taken over my life. Aside from meal breaks, I’m squeezing every extra hour to study for accounting.  Right now being the exception, where I’m sitting at NYDC typing this entry. Sitting next to a window, I can’t help and take in everything that’s happening around me. If there weren’t palm trees and the cathedral wasn’t red brick, perhaps I could be in Paris near Notre Dame.  But no, I’m near Notre Dame in HCMC where speedy Mailinh Taxis drive past, kids riding on the back or front of their parent’s motorbike without a helmet, and there are the tourists walking around in the sweltering heat.

End of March marks my 6 month of living in Vietnam.  Time goes by fast. Things happen fast.  This month we’re settling into a new place a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment, literally a 10 minutes walk from our current place.  It is centrally located to my work and school. The best part is that there is a grocery store on the ground floor of the high rise apartment.  So hopefully when school and the moving is over, I will be able to cook more! But until then, I will just be trying to survive my 6:30AM to 9:30 PM schedule.

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