Drinking Sugar


herbal sugarcane juice


Fresh sugarcane juice is readily available in Vietnam for a satisfying cooling beverage to combat the sweltering heat. The closest sugarcane juice stand nearby our place sells this wonderful treat for 2500 VND which is about 13 cents. Pure sugarcane juice can be very sweet, thus Kumquat is squeezed to balance out the sweetness with a pleasant hint of citrus flavor.  In Kuala Lumpur, we had herbal sugarcane juice (pictured above) which had a slice of carrot, a stick of sugarcane, and an unrecognizable root (maybe ginseng?).

Fresh sugarcane juice has surprisingly positive health benefits. For instance here are some from the web:

  • Rehydrates the body
  • Low glycemic index, good for diabetics
  • Alkalizing helps fight cancer
  • Great for digestion
  • Cold and flu prevention

The infamous Master Cleanse detox also indicates sugarcane juice substitution for the maple syrup and water. I am tempted to try due to the readily available sugarcane juice, but I don’t think I can survive on a liquid diet for even just one day!

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