Federal Way, WA – Ivar’s


We had a short 2 day stop to my hometown before we embarked on our Canada leg. It was a great break from schedule-packed Texas, as we stayed mostly in Auburn chilling in my friend’s new home.  We did take a trek out to Redondo beach, a little local beach where I spent a part of my summers since my old house was about a 30 minute walk away. Not much has changed around here. Salty’s restaurant is still present  and there are still people leisurely taking walks on the walkway enjoying the summer sunshine.

For lunch we stopped at Ivar’s. Probably not the healthiest lunch fare, but having it every once in awhile is worth it! I absolutely love the white clam chowder. Do not expect a thick chunky type of chowder here, the soup is creamy with bits of potatoes and clams.

My family went to this location pretty regularly. Even though it is a fast food joint, they freshly fry the fish’n chips on the spot for each order. Ivar’s has since expanded the menu with a grilled seafood menu, but we opted for an order of the traditional halibut fish’n chips and the clam’n chips. Ivar’s  is one of the two restaurants my parents miss the most after we moved away 12 years ago. Here’s to you, mom and dad.

Ivar’s (multiple locations)
2004 S. 320th St.
Federal Way, WA 98003
(253) 941-7321

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