Vancouver, BC – Japa Dog and G’uu


Federal Way, WA is a small city thirty minutes from Seattle, which is a great location to go on endless family trips around the Pacific Northwest. Some of our best family trips were in Canada. Vancouver is about 3 hours away by car and Victoria can be a short 2 hour 45 minute Clipper ride from downtown Seattle.

My trip to Canada was very short. 3 days in Vancouver with a wedding to attend to and 4 days in Victoria with a surprise 2 day trip to Sooke (30 minutes from Victoria). Fitting in as many meals as possible was a challenge as we were trying to meet with as many family and friends as possible. In addition, home cooking supersedes a couple of the fast food/restaurant meals we were craving.

When I think about Vancouver I equate it to delicious Chinese food. We experienced banquet style Chinese of multiple courses at Gingeri, vegetarian Chinese food at a Buddhist temple, and Dim Sum at Din Tai. I should have taken more pictures of the dishes served at these establishments, but it turned out to be meeting point of many of our friends and family, which made it difficult to sneak in a photo before multiple chopsticks invaded the delicious grub.

Vancouver also serves some of the best fusion Japanese. A trip to Vancouver meant that I would finally be able to try the much talked about Japa Dog. Japa Dog is a chain of hot dog carts and a storefront serving hotdogs with Japanese fixings.

The storefront offers up some unique tasting fries. We ordered the seaweed fries and the shoyu butter fries. Fries are fried on the spot and shaken with the flavor mixings in a paper bag. Pure genius. For the dogs, we ordered the Yakiniku Rice Dog (pictured above), their original Terimayo Dog w seaweed, and the Okonomi dog w/bonito flakes and kurobuta sausage (both pictured below). Japa Dog, totally lives up to the hype.

G’uu is an izakaya style restaurant serving Japanese tapas. It is a great place to go for happy hour or on a fun casual date with friends. Each dish is uniquely different bearing ode to their traditional Japanese counterparts, but with modern fusion enhancements. For instance, fried sweet potatoes fries were accompanied with honey mustard mayo dipping sauce and the mushroom bibim bap incorporated cheese creating an almost creamy risotto with a delightful exterior crunch from the hot stone pot. My favorites were the kimchi roe udon and mushroom cheese bibim bap, and  I definitely would be a regular at a place like this in HCMC.

Japa Dog
845 Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC, Canada
(604) 667-4663

Kitanoya Guu With Otoko Mae
375 Water Street #105
Vancouver, BC V6B5C6, Canada
(604) 685-8682

5300 No. 3 Rd
Richmond, BC V6X 2X9
(604) 278-6006

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