Cajun Crawfish


Prepared to get Cajun’d. 13 of our group of friends met for a family dinner at Tom Hum Dat. One of our friends, a constant regular, even gets a text message when a fresh batch of Crawfish comes in. Now that’s what I call customer service. Even though the season of Crawfish is drawing to a close; we gorged on the multiple bags of heavily seasoned crawfish, shrimp, sausage, corn, and garlic cloves. They gave us a separate bowl of the sauce for dipping our bread, but we ended up just lapping up the sauce in the communal bags of seafood because it tasted so much better.

Free bag of shrimp

We were total gluttons for 13 people. 5 bags of mixed crawfish and shrimp, 1 bag of all shrimp, 2 plates of stir fried noodles and another bag of shrimp compliments from the restaurant. We had so much that we had 2 bags and noodles leftover. We were gifted with one of the bags so we ate the shrimp for a couple of days. The sauce just got better and better as it was reheated.

I believe it is the only restaurant serving Cajun Crawfish in HCMC, get them while they are still in season or you will have to wait it out for another year.

Nha Hang Tom Hum Dat
114 Tran Dinh Xu, Q 1 (CLOSED)

(picture taken w/HTC Desire)

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