Dragon Noodle House

Soy Sauce Ramen

A ramen shop exists! Just a few doors down from ZanZBar is Dragon Noodle House where you can slurp on several ramen variations with additional toppings of your choice. The restaurant is kind of on the pricey side as our bill came to 400000VND for two bowls of ramen, gyoza, and 2 toppings of kimchi and sweet corn. However, for a Japanese ramen fix this is the place to go. Service is pleasant, clean environment, and ramen comes out piping hot with perfectly chewy noodles. The restaurant also serves rice dishes. I am planning on trying a rice dish the next time and their special pork ramen.

He had the light miso ramen

I had the soy sauce ramen

Gyoza to share

Dragon Noodle House
29 Dong Du
Ben Nghe, Q1

(Pictures taken w/HTC Desire

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