Bangkok – Somboon Seafood

A one day trip to Bangkok consisted of heading to the nearest McDonald’s from our hotel for lunch. Half of our group never tried McDonald’s before so it was fun to be part of their first experience from this iconic fast food chain. Vietnam is one of the countries with no McDonald’s presence and expats love making at least one meal at the golden arches when they are in a country that does.

However, this post is not about lunch. It is about the yummy meal we had at Somboon Seafood for dinner. This Thai-Chinese restaurant has been in existence since 1969. Its specialty is the Fried Curry Crab. My colleagues call it peanut butter crab because of the nutty undertones. The other four plates had a lot of heart healthy garlic.

The Fried Curry Crab is sinfully rich with the curry sauce that has a thick eggy consistency, a perfect topper for white rice.

Not sure what type of veggies these are but the sauce had some spicy zing from the garlic and chili

Steamed Grouper with Garlic

Steamed Freshwater Prawns with Garlic

Stir-fried Morning Glory

Somboon has 5 locations; watch out for the fake Somboon Seafood restaurants!

Somboon Seafood
169/7-169/ Surawong
Suriya Wong, Bang Rak,
Bangkok 10500, Thailand

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