Steak and Eggs Tran Huu Trang

This is not your typical steak and eggs. Beefsteak Tran Huu Trang only opens for the dinner crowd. Beefsteak and additional fixings come bubbling on a cast iron skillet. Veggies and bread come with the order. Break the crusty bread, slather some pate, and sop up the running egg yolk in between bites of beef. Repeat.

The full on mixed plate comes with beefsteak, egg, half a sausage, a nugget of pate, and slices of onions. The normal style is garlicky, while the Hong Kong style is oyster sauce sweet. Whatever flavor you choose, you can’t help get excited for your very own meal on cow shaped cast iron skillet. For only 33,000 VND ($1.74 USD), I can totally dig into steak and eggs for dinner any night.

Bite this:
Beefsteak Thap Cam
Beefsteak Hong Kong Thap Cam

Beefsteak Tran Huu Trang
84A/14 Tran Huu Trang
Ward 20 Q. Phu Nhuan

(Pictures taken w/HTC Desire)

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