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bunch of salak

Welcome to Sites’n Bites! Thank you for following me to my new home! I’m still fixing things here and there, but I couldn’t wait to start posting again.

As my first official post for my new site, I would like to introduce a new fruit discovery in Bali, Indonesia! The fruit is called Salak, aka the Snake Fruit. Native to Indonesia this fruit comes from a type of palm tree. It’s called the snake fruit due to its scaly like skin. There are three common varieties of this fruit. The one we tried was the gula pasir, which is considered the best out of the two for its sweetness.

Salak comes in a cluster. When you peel off the skin, the creamy opaque meat is revealed. The meat is segmented, reminiscent to the shape of garlic cloves. When you take a bite out of it, you will be pleasantly surprised of its crunch and light fragrant flavor. The closest flavor profile would be to a slightly sour pineapple.

This is definitely a must try fruit when you are in Bali. We bought ours at a fruit stand where our driver helped us to bargain. The Denpasar Airport even sold the fruit in bags, but I do not think it will farewell in customs.

More posts on Bali, Indonesia is to come! Until then, cheers to more travels, eats, and recipes!


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