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Watch out Ho Chi Minh City, a new steakhouse is in town! Newcomer El Gaucho is serving up some juicy steaks that will easily catapult them to the #1 steakhouse in Saigon. If the dishes that we had are representative of all the other eye catching platters on the menu, I would be happy to come visit them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I’m all about the little details, and I loved how there was a paper napkin just for the utensils to be placed on, and a cloth napkin for our laps. We could tell the waiter was knowledgeable of the menu as he effortlessly guided us to some recommended sides to accompany our steak.

We happily munched on the complimentary bread with garlic herbed butter and their rendition of chimichurri. The chimichurri had lightly pickled red bell pepper, green bell pepper, and onions with olive oil and garlic. It was absolutely amazing!

Si and I started with the Lobster & Crab Meat soup and Arugula Salad. Both were perfectly seasoned.

Shortly after we finished our starter, we received our 500 gr. Queen Cut Rib Eye Steak that was brought to us in a metal platter warmed by charcoal. It was the perfect size for the two of us to share.  There is the option of other sauces to go with the steak, but we stayed with the chimichurri. The waiter also brought us refills of the chimichurri without us having to request for some more.

We ordered the Baked Potato with sour cream and bacon and Macaroni Cheese to compliment our protein.

Thought we were super full, we HAD to order dessert because it was pouring outside and we didn’t want be caught in the rain on a motorbike.  We had the fresh Marinated Strawberries and Sabayon, which was absolutely delish with a shot of balsamic vinegar in the bottom of the martini glass.

It’s amazing how an awesome meal can totally rejuvenate the soul. After a mentally exhausting couple of weeks of class and work commitments, Si and I were both craving a good sit-down meal. El Gaucho totally won us over, as our tummies were left completely satisfied. I can’t wait to go back!

(Pictures taken w/HTC Desire)


Bite this:
Lobster and Crab Meat Soup
Queen Cut Rib Eye Steak
Strawberries and Sabayon

El Gaucho Steakhouse
5D/104 Nguyen Sieu St.
Ben Nghe Ward, Dist.1
Telephone: 38251879

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