Hanoi – Street Snacks


We came to Hanoi at the perfect time. We were greeted with sunny days and mild temperatures. It was cooler than HCMC, but warm enough to enjoy an icy glass of che (sweet soup).

Our glass of sweet soup had chunks of crushed ice with grass jelly, lotus seeds, and tapioca balls with crunchy water chestnut in the middle.  The dessert was instantly cooling and not too sweet.

We took spoonfuls of the dessert while sitting on red plastic stools. Sitting there, we saw the daily movements of the Old Quarter.  We even saw a parade of cyclos taking a wedding party some where. The wedding party was wearing traditional Vietnamese Ao Dai in vibrant blues, pinks, and yellows. It was a beautiful sight to see the happiness glowing from their faces.

We found multiple vendors selling peeled water chestnuts. Buying a bag, we munched on these while walking back to our hotel. The water chestnuts were fresh, crunchy, and sweet similar to jicama; completely unlike the canned version at stores.

Life gets busy when we are in HCMC that we forget to capture the simple moments like these in our very own city.  I hope to find more moments like these after July when I’m graduating!


Bite this:
Che 15,000 VND

Che Bon Mua
4 Hang Can
Old Quarter, Hanoi

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