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I was counting down the days to Mui Ne to get my seafood fix! Not only are Vietnam beaches beautiful, the fresh seafood just can’t be beat. Fishing boats and the round basket boats are easy to see in the Mui Ne landscape as they bring in the catches of the day.

We were recommended to go to Cay Bang restaurant from the owner of Hawaii Resort. He also listed out all the dishes we had to try over there.

We wandered aimlessly for a few minutes when we got to the restaurant. There was no hostess in sight. Servers were rushing back and forth from the kitchen to the dining tables of already seated diners.  The initial person we asked for a table was someone who looked like she was running the place with her finger-pointing and loud instructions. She told us they were all booked. Hmm…  Instead of accepting her answer that it was a lost cause for fresh seafood, we went to the other sectioned area where we were able to score a table by asking a server. A table for two people is not really common at this restaurant as the majority of their diners are families or tour groups.

We only ordered half of the list the resort owner gave us because there was no way two people could take on the volume. Shortly after we ordered, plates of fresh seafood started to come out, one after the other.

Shrimp boiled in Coconut Water

Steamed  Sea Crab

Steamed Flathead (Tiger) Lobster.  It took us a while to order this crustacean because we initially didn’t see it listed on the menu. When I found a waiter carrying plates of these, Si managed to take a picture and asked them for the Vietnamese name to confirm with the owner’s list of eats.

Morning Glory

Oyster Porridge

Our bill? Only $25 USD for the two of us! The price was very reasonable compared to the street side outdoor seafood restaurant (a Bo Ke) we went the next day. We believe we got ripped off, but that’s another story for next time.

A stop at Cay Bang Restaurant for lunch or dinner cannot be missed for fresh seafood when taking a trip to Mui Ne!


Bite this:

Tom Mu Ni (Flathead Lobster, Tiger Lobster) almost 1/4 the price of regular lobsters.


Cay Bang
02-04 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street
+84 62 8470 09


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