A Recipe for Graduation


A big chapter of my life in Vietnam will be concluding next Sunday with a graduation ceremony! The journey began with me arriving in Vietnam two days before the orientation weekend started. The first class in Vung Tau was an experience to remember, as I had food poisoning  and was going back and forth to the bathroom during lecture! Regardless of my first day in the program, the 21 months I have spent in obtaining my MBA will be a definitive milestone in my accomplishments.

Below is my personal message in our graduating class yearbook!
[hr] A Recipe for a Successful Graduation

21 courses in 2 years
37 classmates
8 consecutive evenings and days for each course
4 evenings for each course
4 full Saturdays and Sundays for each course
7 Member Adamas Group
200 Consulting hours for Capstone

Mix all together with a plenty of teamwork, presentations, exams, sleep deprivation, and lots of fun! Thank you all for your warmth, encouragement, and friendship. May there be many more recipes for success!


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