Quyền Ký Mì Gia

Duck Noodles

Looking for something quick with no frills, and tastes like it has been lovingly cooked for the whole day? This bowl of noodles will totally hit the spot!
The specialty of Quyền Ký Mì Gia is the Roast Duck Noodle Soup. Chewy handmade noodles with yuchoy and Chinese broccoli come in a separate bowl (garlic and chili peppers optional). The dark soup has bits of ginseng, a couple of jujubes and a generous portion of duck (leg and thigh). The soup has slight Chinese herbal undertones, but the overtone is a very rich broth full of unami. I like to season my noodles with spoonfuls of the broth. Alternating bites between the two bowls, with sips of the broth, equal a match made in heaven. Don’t be surprised if you can’t help but order an extra bowl of noodles because the first bowl disappears within a matter of minutes!


Bite this:

Mì Vịt Tiềm Gia Truyền 68,000VND

Quyền Ký Mì Gia
21 Trần Cao Vân
Ward Đa Kao, Q1

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