Wannawafel? Yes, please!


We are currently in our last leg of our trip in Seattle. One of many highlights during our North America trip is getting the real Belgian taste of Liège waffles at Wannawafel!

The unadulterated version is delightfully chewy with caramelized sugar bits. One bite instantly took me back to when I was living in Bordeaux, France for a semester abroad in 2002. Liège waffles were very accessible in many of the cities I backpacked to, and it was a convenient snack to buy and eat while lugging my heavy pack!

I’m thrilled that I now have access to these scrumptious carbs every time I go back to Victoria, BC! Check out my friends, Eating in Vancouver, to get a full review of the Market Square location!


560 Johnson Street
#102 Market Square
Victoria, BC V8W 3C5



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