Narita City


Have nine hours to spare before your next flight? If your stopover destination is Narita Airport, why not take a quick trip to explore Narita city to get a colorful glimpse of Japanese day to day life and culture?

Don’t miss out on the beautiful Naritasan Shinshoji Temple. We were lucky to see a procession of monks who finished performing a fire ritual to the fire god, Fudo Myoo, in the Great Main Hall.

Hungry for some eats? Narita is known for Unagi, bbq’d eel. There are many Unagi-ya restaurants serving the specialty on Nakamachi street. This guy is splashed all over the web when you search Unagi and Narita! Passersby are enticed by the fresh preparation of Unagi in the front of the restaurant.

As you can tell, it drew us in too! Meltingly tender meat is perfectly coated with sweet Kabayaki No Tare. The boxed presentation is simple, unagi on a bed of short grain Japanese rice with a side of lightly pickled radish and cucumbers.

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Unaju regular – Grilled eel on rice 1800YEN

386 Nakamachi
Narita City, Japan

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