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Orange Sprinkles

I’m spreading the love across continents because a cupcake named after me sounds ego-tastic! Or how about a “Tang” cupcake to brand our 2012 wedding?! A NKOTB is getting ready for its grand opening in the Green Lake neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. To gather more fans, Cake Envy will name a cupcake after a fan with the MOST mutual friends “liking” Cake Envy’s facebook page!

If the name is not a clear indicator of what this bakery specializes in, here are the deets! Cake Envy specializes in cupcakes and cakes made from high quality and organic ingredients with lots of love! Cake lovin brides-to-be, coffee connoisseurs, cupcake addicts, bubble lushes, winophiles, and foodies unite because Cake Envy will be THE place to indulge in your vices.

What I love about Cake Envy cupcakes/cakes:

  1. The frosting is light and fluffy. I don’t feel guilty completely licking off the frosting!
  2. No hard frosting crust and no grainy texture!
  3. The cake has a fine delicate crumb.
  4. Pure flavors from the premium ingredients used.
  5. I can guarantee that it’s 100% lovingly made by my BFF.

Don’t these cupcakes look yummy? I was lucky to photograph these vanilla coconut beauties during my trip back to  Seattle a couple of weeks ago. I hope these cupcakes make the cut as one of the regular flavors on rotation because they are truly scrumptious!

Check out Cake Envy’s facebook page as the Cake Envy crew gets ready to launch the new bakery.  Give them some love by “liking” their page! Perhaps you can get a Cake Envy cupcake named after you!

image courtesy of Cake Envy

[hr] Cake Envy – OCTOBER 1st!
7900 East Greenlake Drive North #106
Seattle, WA 98103


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