Coconut Quinoa Pudding

quinoa pudding

Sometimes during the week, I literally have little thought bubbles of ingredients floating on top of my head. Last week, the bubbles had pictures of coconut, vanilla bean, and quinoa. Thus, the trio of ingredients equated to this super rich and creamy coconut quinoa pudding.

The use of quinoa gives a deceivingly healthy angle to this indulgent dessert. But who says it’s just dessert? I must admit, I took some to work for a sweet breakfast meal, which kept me full till lunch time!

With toasted dessicated coconut on hand from a failed recipe the week before and our endless supply of fresh coconut, the toppings stayed true to the main ingredient. However, I can totally see some endless flavor combinations like mango, raspberries, dark chocolate… YUM.

I do like my rice pudding with a hint of spice, so the toasted dessicated coconut was laced with some Saigon cinnamon. The pudding is reminiscent of something familiar modified with new textures and deep coconut flavor. Though I don’t really feel the cool seasonal change in Ho Chi Minh City, I can still enjoy this comforting treat reminding me of my favorite season.


Coconut Quinoa Pudding
(Adapted from Cannelle et Vanille’s Quinoa Pudding with Macerated Strawberries and Pistachios)
serves 4-6

1/2 cup of quinoa
1/2 of a vanilla bean
1/5 cup of sugar
1 19 oz. can of coconut milk
Pinch of salt

Rinse quinoa in cold water in a fine meshed strainer. In a medium-sized sauce pan, add the coconut milk, sugar and scrapings from the vanilla bean. Set the stove to medium-high until the milk comes to a simmer. Add the quinoa and set the stove to low. Stir every few minutes for 30 minutes until the quinoa blooms and the milk reduces to your desired pudding consistency.

Toasted Coconut and Cinnamon Topping

4 tbsp. dessicated coconut
1/2 tsp. cinnamon

In a small frying pan, quickly stir the dessicated coconut on medium-high heat until golden brown. Stir in the cinnamon and set the mixed topping aside until ready to use.


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