A Quick Bite in Hoi An

Tofu Pudding

Just past the historical Japanese Bridge was the most amazing treat we ate in the Old Town in Hoi An.

It was a simple bowl of tofu pudding.

Though we arrived in the morning to Hoi An, the sun’s rays were directly hitting us while we were exploring the quaint city. We were dying for something refreshing, but Si loves tofu. He was willing to down a warm bowl of fresh tofu pudding even when he had sweat dripping down his forehead that day. Imagine our surprise when the tofu lady added some ice, grass jelly (known for cooling the body), and some clear jelly to a dessert usually served warm! Was it amazing? Most definitely. The gingery syrup was not too sweet and the tofu was silky soft, barely retaining its shape.

Perhaps if you make a trip out to Hoi An, you can find the same tofu lady selling her cooling treat. If you do find her, take a moment to enjoy a bowl.

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