Making Moves

How can it be already December? This message is super delayed, but worthy of a post! Back in September, we settled into a new place in a different district of Ho Chi Minh City. Gone are the days of a super cramped kitchen. We now have a regular-sized refrigerator currently filled with chocolate, various soup stock, Thanksgiving leftovers, and our constant supply of fresh coconut. We now have a place where we can comfortably have dinner parties with a big group. For the constant flow of family and friends visiting, we have a room to spare!

I Facebooked and tweeted my ecstatic status when Si gifted me with Ikea bakeware and dishes for my birthday for a steal. These came absolutely handy for an American Thanksgiving celebration, where yours truly was the only American out of the group. I will definitely try to make the most of these new dishes, but even just looking at them makes me happy! I think it is because we can call these our own, aside from clothes and books, as our place already came furnished. Plus, it helps that Si chose some aesthetically pleasing pieces complimenting our own style!

Though we are constantly on the move with our jobs, school (him), and travel adventures, it’s nice to go home and just relax. We’re loving our new place during the down time that we do have. We just came back from Guangzhou, China for the weekend, and we will be heading to Seoul, Korea in a few weeks!

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