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Durian Pastry

A couple of weekends ago, we took a trip to Guangzhou, China to meet with Si’s parents. They were taking a month long vacation in China, and Guangzhou was their last stop till heading back to chilly Victoria, Canada. During this trip, Si met with an aunt living in Guangzhou that he has never met before. She navigated the roads and metro to take us to all the delicious spots around town for Cantonese cuisine! The standout of the weekend was Bingsheng Restaurant serving plate after plate of perfectly seasoned dishes. If there is only one restaurant you can try in Guangzhou, Bingsheng IS the place!

Forgive me for my elementary explanation of the dish that does not match with the menu (no English menu available). The menu is extensive with pictures to find what you are looking for. For our party we left it to the expert, Si’s aunt ordered our meal. When you see the pictures below, the dishes are not fancy shmancy with gourmet ingredients. However, each dish was executed so well that the gluttonous self in me was craving for more even after the last dish was served.


Poached chicken, no extra seasoning needed.

 Soup #2 – sweet potato, bok choy, and pork belly

Tender, crispy, juicy roast pork

Soup #2 – pork meatballs, yam tips, carrots in white pork broth

Gourd, Chinese sausage, and wood ear mushroom

Sweet and sour pork ribs



 Housemade white and black silky tofu with a sauce similar to XO

 Noodles with pork and veggies in brown sauce

Durian pastry

[hr] Bite this:
Possibly everything on the menu, but these were the highlights of our meal

  • Poached chicken
  • Housemade tofu dishes
  • Roast Pork

Bingsheng Restaurant (website didn’t work for me)
Flagship Restaurant:
At the southern foot of Haiyin Bridge,
33 Dong Xiao Rd.
Haizhu District

Tianhe Dong Branch
168, Tianhe Rd.
East , Tianhe District

Wufeng Branch
1-4 F, Wufeng Hotel
438, Jiangnan Dadao Blvd South
Haizhu District


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