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A trip to Vietnam wouldn’t be complete without experiencing some delicious seafood. Let me introduce you to Hong Hai Seafood restaurant. If you are looking for fabulous seafood without the beach view and within the cityscape of Ho Chi Minh City, this is your place.
The atmosphere is casual and perfect for big groups. The menu has Vietnamese and English translations with a variety of dishes, if seafood is not really your thing. Individual dipping sauces are placed at the table based on what is ordered. We received soy sauce & chili, lemon salt & pepper with red chili, lemon salt & pepper with jalapeno, and nước chấm.
We love ordering lemongrass clams (nghêu hấp sả) at pretty much any restaurant when it is available. These clams do not have the mucky sandy stuff in the stomach like the ones stateside. Dip these clams into nước chấm for the perfect flavor companion to the fragrant lemongrass. These beauties, called ốc hương, are steamed sea snails. These meaty gastropods are one of my favorites as they are chewy and easy to pry from their shells.
We ordered some morning glory (rau muông) to add greenery to our protein heavy meal. The morning glory was sauteed with garlic.
An example of a non-seafood item is bò phô mai. Marinated meat envelops some cheese, which turns into melty cheesy goodness as it’s grilled on an open flame.
Our last dish was oyster with green onions (sò mai nướng mỡ hành). The cooked oyster is dressed with green onion infused oil, green onions and peanuts.

Hong Hai Seafood restaurant is right outside of district 1 in district 3. This restaurant is definitely worth going outside the confines district 1. You won’t regret the trip and the meal will barely make a dent in your wallet. For the two of us, our meal cost about $25USD with drinks.

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Lemongrass clams
Sea snails
Oyster with green onion
Beef with cheese

Hong Hai Seafood
236 Pasteur
Ward 6, District 3

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