Seoul – Insadong


I honestly don’t remember the last time I visited Insadong. Even when I studied in Seoul one summer during my university years, the closest I got to Insadong was Myeongdong. Lets just say site seeing was not really one of my priorities then.

Insadong Traditional Buildings

Insadong was not really what I expected to be. For some reason I thought it would be a hilly maze-like Korean neighborhood. However, the main street was an organized myriad of traditional souvenir stores perfect for tourists.  Though the idea of a tourist hotspot can be dissuading, it was easy to discover the charm of Insadong. Old and new meld together effortlessly to bring traditional reflections with pops of colorful intrigue.

Insadong Yellow Highlights

Those looking for traditional wares, Insadong is Seoul’s main location to hold mass collections of porcelain, brushes, antiques, stationery, and artwork with the many specialty stores and art galleries.

Bizeun serves over 200 different types of rice cakes (떡) with traditional and modern flavors like pumpkin, chocolate, sesame, and redbean. Mini cakes are perfect for sharing or as gifts to bring luck, love, and good health.

Poop Bread filled with Red Bean Another snack to try while you are exploring Insadong, is to try poop bread (똥 빵)! These are the novelty versions of the fish-shaped breads filled with red bean (붕어 빵).

Bite this:
Rice cakes
Red bean filled bread

Seoul-si Jongno-gu Insa-dong 37

Street Cart – Poop bread
Seoul-si Insadong Ssamziegil entrance


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