Grocery Shopping in Saigon


I have been receiving emails on where to find ingredients in Ho Chi Minh City for baking and cooking.  I do tend to purchase ingredients in multiple locations as one store does not carry everything. Below is a list of places I frequent around District 1 and Phu Nhuan. For more store locations, click on the name of the grocery store and it will open up to their website.

Cho Tan Dinh

Annam Gourmet Market – A  gourmet and specialty goods market carrying products like quinoa, flaxseed, marscapone, nut butters, and vinegars. Annam Gourmet has several locations in Ho Chi Minh City and one store in Hanoi.

Veggy’s – When I’m missing some homecooking, I go to Veggy’s  for ingredients like steaks, jalapenos, mixed greens mesculin, taco shells, flour, and canned veggies.

Big C – Possibly the Walmart of Ho Chi Minh City. I find the produce to be much more fresh compared to Coopmart as Big C has a higher volume of consumers, which makes for more frequent restocking. I like to go there for chicken breast cutlets, salmon filets, ladyfingers, and kitchen tools.

Co.opMart – This grocery chain has the biggest market share of supermarkets in Vietnam. Co.opMart is the closest grocery store to our place, and we tend to get our basics like butter, eggs, fresh coconut, veggies, and sugar.

Korean Market – Where I go if I can’t get to Phu My Hung for my Korean cooking ingredients. I go here for kimchi, fresh perilla leaves, soy bean paste, and frozen Sanuki udon.

Cho Tan Dinh – An open market to explore for fresh produce, seasoning, and spices. I can only get there on the weekends, but it is always bustling in the early morning each day. The selection of fruit is much better than the grocery stores and condiments like crispy fried shallots can easily be found.


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