Hu Tieu Quynh


Another popular bowl of noodles that’s not pho or bun bo hue is Hu Tieu Nam Vang. Si introduced me to these noodles at Hu Tieu Quynh during one of my initial visits to Ho Chi Minh City before the big move. Like the bun bo hue, I never had this bowl of goodness stateside. My usual meals at Vietnamese eateries in the states were pho, roast chicken and tomato rice, and banh mi. Yes, I played it safe back then, but to be fair these noodles are actually from Cambodian origins!

We got the hu tieu dry, which means pork broth served on the side. When eaten dry, you can taste the tapioca noodles lightly marinated in sweet soy sauce. Different cuts of pork, fried garlic, brocoli, shrimp, lotus root, green onions, chive flowers, and shrimp are placed on top of the noodles.

The original outlet is currently under construction. We went right across the street to their second place. Spacious with even an air conditioned area, this outlet serves bit tet (cast iron beef steak) and individual lau (hot pot) in addition to their hu tieu.

Condiments on the side to enhance your meal include: soy sauce, minced garlic in vinegar, sliced garlic in vinegar, and fish sauce.

You can add spoonfuls of the soup to break up the noodles as they tend to stick to each other. We opted for the sliced garlic that gave a welcoming acidic bite to the noodles. Slurp, slurp, sip, and repeat.


Bite this:

Hu tieu kho 58,000VND

Hu Tieu Quynh
199 Nguyen Trai
District 1

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