Snippet: Big Bang in Vietnam


Sharing my favorite photos through “Snippet” posts.

My first K-pop experience…

Not the clearest or prettiest of photos, but it captures how close we were to stage. There is no such thing about personal space when Big Bang performs. Fans rushed to get closer to the front as possible for a better view of the K-pop sensations. Right behind the fence were the men in uniform (faint outline of one in the picture above), telling the audience to back it up. We were packed tighter than a can of sardines, which even led to a brief hiatus of the performance to ease the craziness (didn’t work).

Now I can check off my bucket list, “Attend a K-pop concert.” This definitely brings back memories when I first got into the K-pop craze in junior high school. My friends and I even did the dance to the H.O.T. “Candy” song in our school’s talent show. H.O.T. was one of the original pioneers of Korean idol boy groups. People were not ready for K-pop then. It’s impressive how mainstream K-pop has become. “FANTASTIC BABY”


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