Airport Codes

From SGN to HAN, PNH, ICN, LAX, DFW, and BKK. The past five weeks I was up in the air. Most of these trips were for work, but the trip back stateside was a short five-day scramble of running errands.

The Incheon International Airport is rated the best airport year after year by Airports Council International.

PNH – Chocolat’s store at the Sofitel carries chocolate chip and walnut cookies. Scallops in sweet chili sauce at Malis, a restaurant that freshly interprets Khmer cuisine.

ICN – A quick airport bite before my long haul flight. The terminal has many dining options and cafes. I went to the second floor food court for a hot bowl of udon.

DFW – Spring Creek Barbecue is one of the restaurants we go to when we gather with the whole fam. The hot bread rolls, not pictured, are to die for!

BKK – Wandered around Central World with a colleague and we ended up at Din Tai Fung. I’m glad we don’t have this restaurant in Vietnam, because every visit makes it a real treat to savor their soup dumplings. Another must try is their spicy crunchy cukes with black vinegar.

More memorable eats to come from my travels! I can’t wait to show you the eats at home, where my food love originates. “I got it from my mama [and my papa]!”

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