Bo Ssam – Mom’s Cooking

I love coming home to visit my parents. They always prepare me homecooked meals that they know I would be missing while abroad.From shrimp tacos to chili soy crab, I ate most of my meals at home during my five day trip. They have a good thing going, my dad makes Western food and my mom makes Asian food.

This was a meal that I specifically requested my mom to make, dduk bo ssam (떡보쌈). We had to do away with the dduk, the rice cake wrap, because the local Vietnamese store was not carrying it that day. The meal was still excellent with using pickled radish and romaine lettuce as a wrapper for all the grilled goodness.

We don’t eat like this everyday, but my parents do have a reputation for being great cooks.  That piece of radish nicely holding all the deliciousness is actually homemade pickled radish hand-sliced by my mom.

We grilled beef short rib meat, oyster mushrooms, onions, bean sprouts, garlic, and kimchi. We ate like kings.

My mom made various sauces to add to the bo ssam. The ubiquitous ssamjang (쌈장), soy sauce and sesame oil-based sauce (similar to a galbi marinade), and a spicy chili pineapple sauce.

I told Si that we need to buy our own teppan grill plate and gas stove so we can start making this at our place and invite friends over!


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