Dalat Market Day and Night

One of the highlights of our Dalat weekend was a trip to the Dalat Market (Chợ Đà Lạt). The energy at the market was quite a contrast between day and night.


We went to the market after the morning rush in the early afternoon. Purveyors were just waking up from their post-lunch siestas.

Many fruits and vegetables sold in Ho Chi Minh City are imported from Dalat. Baskets of fresh produce of the day included bright yellow zucchini, strawberries, and artichokes with the stems intact.

An avocado lover’s dream. Avocado is this vendor’s specialty.

There was also one sidewalk selling plants and flowers. These flowers had their stems cut to be made into flower baskets.


If you have a limited amount of time in Dalat, do not miss the market at night as the market comes to life! The numbers of vendors increase to cater to the very large evening crowd.

The Ben Thanh night market in Ho Chi Minh City caters to foreign tourists. Though the Dalat market appeared to have a good number of tourists coming through (mainly Vietnamese), it was clearly evident that this market is also a gathering spot for locals.

Seafood ready to be prepared for those looking to grub on some fresh shellfish while seated on plastic tables and chairs. It is a truly must try experience while visiting Vietnam; and of course accompanied by a glass of beer with ice!

Craft and food vendors are lined up on each wide step of the market stairs. We bought roasted sweet potato and corn to take back to the resort to snack on for the evening. Cooking the sweet potato on a charcoal grill accentuated the sweetness of the root vegetable while adding a smoky layer of flavor.

Spend a couple of hours at the market for shopping, eating, and people watching. Dalat is a completely different feel from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. The night market is the perfect spot to experience the charm of Dalat.


Chợ Đà Lạt
Hoa Binh Zone
Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street
Da Lat City, Da Lat

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