Strawberry Banana Jack Smoothie

Our combined 3.5 years of school finally ended this month with Si graduating! What is life like after school? We are still busy as ever!

We’re surviving these busy days with easy to make smoothies!  They are so addictive and can get me through til lunch. Sure buying a fruit shake (sinh tố) from a local vendor can be really cheap, but these days the condensed milk (a key ingredient) is not helping my waist line! When I went on a detox a month ago what got me out of bed and ready for work were the smoothies I started my day with.

Tropical fruit is abundant here, and we love to experiment. We freeze all the fruit so that we don’t dilute the tropical flavors with ice. Since tropical fruits tend to be already sweet, we balance out the sweetness with lime and kefir.

Smoothies are a great way to boost your intake of daily veggies and fruits. Jackfruit is rich in Vitamin C and A, which helps to maintain my immune system while I’m working the long hours and my poor eyes are staring at the computer screen all day. Si has become the Smoothie King of the household and comes up with new concoctions all the time. The recipe below is one of many of the delicious smoothie recipes to come! Hope you enjoy!


Strawberry Banana Jack Smoothie
Serves two

Coconut water from 1 coconut
1 3.5 ounces of kefir or yogurt
4 baby banana
6 pieces of jackfruit
6 small strawberries
1/2 of a lime
1 tablespoon of ground flaxseed
1 tablespoon of Traders Joe’s “Very Green” Powder

Add all ingredients in a blender and blend away until smooth. To serve, pour into two glasses and share the love!

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