Victoria, BC – Jam Cafe


Folks, we’ve hit the two week mark since returning to Vietnam. Si and I are still recuperating from the three weeks of weddings. Today was our first Sunday where we just got to enjoy the day without any plans whatsoever, just the two of us.

My most memorable restaurant meal in Victoria was two days after the wedding. It was the first meal I could sit down and just simply enjoy the plate that was in front of me without any type of wedding distractions.

We were happily exhausted with the warm afterglow of the wedding. We ran our final post-wedding errands and were in the mood for something substantial. Jam Cafe was recommended by a quite few friends so I was eager to check this cafe out.

I instantly gravitated to the the buttermilk fried chicken on the menu. Crispy exterior and juicy meat in the inside, this dish was a real winner. I have not seen fried chicken like this in Vietnam.

He got the plate pictured above. Every bite had different layers of texture and flavors that complimented one another all together.

We washed those yummy morsels down with some lavender and strawberry lemonade housed in cute mason jars.

Check our their website as they post up some of their specials every few days!


Jam Cafe
542 Herald Street
Victoria BC, V8W 1S5
First come, first serve; breakfast served all day

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