Banh Canh Ghe


Banh canh cua, crab noodle soup made with mud crabs, has a sister called banh canh ghe.

The intensely rich crab-flavored soup is made from flower crab (blue crab). Fresh cut noodles made from tapioca and rice flour are quickly boiled in hot water and placed in the bowl. Pieces of crab legs and also the body of the crab (female crab if lucky) are placed on top. Hot soup is poured over with a final garnish of pepper, green onion and cilantro.

Accompanying condiments are fresh red chili to spice up the soup and an addicting sweet green chili sauce to dip pieces of crab meat.

The restaurant only serves banh canh ghe. There is nothing else on the menu other than ordering extra pieces of crab or noodles.


Bite this:
A bowl of banh canh ghe for 45000VND

Chi Nhanh’s [CLOSED] Banh Canh Ghe
38 Vu Huy Tan
Ward 3, Binh Thanh District

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