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We are still having a hard time transitioning back to the normal grind after our amazing honeymoon in the Maldives two weeks ago. The Maldives was the first on our honeymoon destination list. After extensive research on flights and hotels, Si found a flight schedule on Singapore Airlines that worked and we booked our stay at Velassaru Maldives!

Our 3 day, 3 night stay was perfect in every way. Though we went during the busy Lunar New Year holiday and Velassaru Maldives was at 99% occupancy, we never felt like the island was overcrowded. There were times when we felt we had the island to ourselves!

Daily breakfast has a wide variety of options to cater to all tastes.  We loved the many types of fresh fruit purees and honey as toppings for yogurt, granola, crepes, waffles, pancakes, and french toast.

It takes about 20 minutes to walk around the whole island. Beach chairs are sprinkled throughout the long stretches of sand. The water is shallow and it is easy to see fish, stingrays, and harmless sand sharks swimming right next to you. There are some lovely coral reefs to snorkel with the gear Velassaru provides complimentary. There is also a diving centre onsite for those that want to fully experience the underwater world of Maldives.

For those looking for an additional layer of aqua blue waters, head over to Velassaru’s infinity pool.

Velassaru has multiple restaurants and bars to cater to all your cravings. Pizza, sushi, seafood, tapas, and Velassaru signature cocktails and mocktails are just a few of the of the many delicious eats available.

Looking for intimate dining of fresh seafood and grilled meats? Head over to beachfront dining at Sands. For wine enthusiasts, go to the wine library at Etesian and enjoy your glass or bottle with delectable Mediterranean cuisine. Looking for a little excitement? Experience Teppanyaki over the lagoon. Vela was our go to place to fill us up with sandwiches, salads, and pizza after a morning of snorkeling. For those that can’t make up their minds for dinner, try the buffet at Turquoise!

If you prefer to have your drinks overlooking the water, go to the east side of the island to Chill Bar where daily happy hour specials are available.

Velassaru provides daily activities and entertainment for the resort guests. We watched a movie on the beach underneath the stars with popcorn one night. The next night, a saxophonist performed classic tunes at Fen Bar.

Velassaru arranges customized private dining experiences under the stars, on the beach and by boat for a unique evening. We especially liked the arrangement for the candlelit dinner by the infinity pool as lights in the pool twinkled like stars.

Captured by Velassaru’s Digiphoto

One of the recent additions to Velassaru’s amenities is having photographers onsite. We were pleasantly surprised how much we enjoyed the shoot and absolutely loved the pictures we received. The photographer knew all the best spots around the island. If you plan to do a photo shoot, try to schedule early in the morning as it gets really hot when the sun is directly overhead.

The service and hospitality shines at Velassaru Maldives. The staff  all know how to shower the perfect amount of attention to hotel guests.


Velassaru Maldives
Tel: +960 665 6100 or +960 333 2270

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