Banyan Tree Lang Co’s Signature Restaurant Saffron


There are those rare moments when you know, after taking the first bite of the starter, that the meal will be nothing short of amazing from start until finish. To reach this restaurant, it takes 45 minutes by plane ride from Ho Chi Minh City with an hour car ride from Danang International Airport.

Saffron is Banyan Tree Lang Co‘s signature restaurant situated on a hilltop overlooking the ocean, Banyan Tree property, Angsana property, and Laguna Lang Co Golf Course designed by Sir Nick Faldo.

The starter offers two levels of heat with a tomato based option and a strong citrus embedded with chilies for the second option. Both wake up the palate while the third cools down the heat with a sweet coconut milk based sauce.

We selected the Orchid Set, which introduces the very best dishes from Saffron. Phuket noodles imported from Thailand envelop the shrimp. Delicate banana blossom offers a pleasant layer of texture to the prawn salad, with no hint bitterness banana blossoms tend to have.

Saffron is not shy on flavor. Tom yum goong is the perfect example exemplifying the high intense flavor that opens up the sinuses and teeters at the brink of too much seasoning. Yet, each spoonful leads to another until the very last drop of soup is gathered.

By the time we get to the main, we are stuffed. We continue on with the savory massaman beef curry. The pickled vegetables cut the delicious richness of the curry in between bites with saffron infused rice.

The dessert trio is impressive. Coconut creme brulee with sugared ginger is baked to the perfect consistency with the right amount of crisp caramelized sugar. Saffron’s rendition on the popular sticky rice and mango is a delightful fun treat. Bits of fresh coconut meat is churned into the best coconut flavored ice cream I have ever had.

Saffron’s authentic and sharp flavors awaken the palate and senses in each dish.


See this: On April 14th 2013, Laguna Lang Co will host an innaugral triathlon where Banyan Tree, Angsana, and the Laguna Lang Co golf course will be part of the triathlon course. For more information check out the Laguna Lang Co Triathlon site.

Banyan Tree Resort Lang Co
Cu Du Village
Loc Vinh Commune
Phu Loc District
Thua Thien Hue Province
+84 54 3695 888


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