Cronut Craze in SE Asia


After the “cronut” (part croissant, part donut) was launched in New York early this year, this hybrid dessert spread like wildfire – even reaching countries as far as Singapore. The Dominique Ansel Bakery is often flocked with people as early as 6 a.m. just to get a chance to taste their original cronuts. They only allow a maximum of two cronuts per person so they can accommodate everyone so don’t be surprised if you’ll see some cronut scalpers selling this for a higher price. Special orders require over a month in advance waiting list.

Crossnut-Croissant Because of this pastry’s popularity, many tourists including those from the UK, travel to New York for a gastronomic adventure, which includes tasting the cronut. To make their holiday more sweet, they usually hire airport parking companies to take care of their automobiles. Parking4less’s meet and greet parking is the most convenient of all parking services because all you have to do is drive to the airport terminal and the valet chauffeur will take care of everything afterwards. All you have to think about now is how many cronuts you can eat in one of the most popular gastronomy meccas in North America.

Those who live closer to South East Asia, need not go any further because the cronut craze has reached Singapore. Da Paulo Group decided to make their own version of cronuts called “crodos” while Patisserie G decided to call their hybrid pastry “Gnuts”. The crodos sold in Da Paulo comes in two variations – one is glazed with bittersweet chocolate and the other one has a crème filling. The Gnuts available at Patisserie G have different fillings – lemon, chocolate, or salted caramel.

The only Saigonese spinoff of the cronut is the crossnut from L’Amour bakery. L’Amour only makes one batch available after 10a.m. and can sell out before lunch time. I have not tried the original in New York so I can’t compare with the real deal, but this is the closest version right in our neighborhood.

With the cronut craze reaching different parts of the world, the question now is, “how long will this fad last?” The creator of this hybrid pastry, Ansel, has already come up with a new dessert called ‘frozen s’more’, which is a custard-like vanilla ice cream on an Applewood stick. This chewy, cold dessert is formed by a chocolate feuilletin and wrapped in marshmallows. When will this dessert come to Vietnam?!

Let me know what you think of the crossnut from L’Amour Bakery!

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